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Friday 7th December - Wet Wednesday Woes

I did a comedy gig on Wednesday night, the first in 5 weeks (I should have done a gig in Dundee a couple of weeks ago but thanks to the council moving the date of their Christmas lights switch on, the gig had had to be cancelled as the venue was right in the middle of where it was to take place).

The organiser of the gig reassured me that he had always had an audience of at least 13 even though it was a wet Wednesday night in Edinburgh in December. In the end, with an audience of just 6 (thus halving his previous low attendance record), he elected to let them decide whether they wanted the gig to go ahead or not. They voted for some comedy, so we performed to 6 people. It went well enough, but it was very much well enough 'under the circumstances'.

It never really seems to get any easier grinding out the comedy gigs. There was very little gained from doing this particular gig, but you never really know what you're going to get until you've committed yourself by fully preparing and actually turning up at the venue. I'm just glad that I have other ideas for shows in the pipeline, as well as my spoken word show to fall back on.

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