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Friday 27th April - Riding High

I had a gig in Hull last Saturday. It was at a great club called The Comedy Lounge. The compere soon ran into trouble by referring to 'Humberside', as some diehard Yorkshire audience members insisted he use the correct terminology i.e. 'The East Riding'. I was the middle spot so thought it would be fun when it was my turn on stage to open with "Hello Kingston!". It did receive a cheer. I then added "upon Hull" and got another cheer. Then I added "in The East Riding of Yorkshire!" and got an even bigger cheer. I then explained I was originally from Scarborough, which received some boos. I just laughed as I hadn't expected my home town to be met with such a negative response. I shrugged it off and reverted to my usual set, which went fine.

I had decided to stay over as it was so far from home, so had booked the cheapest place I could find not too far from the venue. I found somewhere which was a hotel but had the feel of a hostel. Still, it was only for one night and it was only £36. That included an amazing cooked breakfast in the morning, proving that a down at heel environment doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get bad service.

I was able to visit some old haunts in Scarborough on the journey back and work out where some of my ancestors had once lived, down by the seafront. Scarborough is officially in North Yorkshire so maybe that's why those from the East Riding in Hull got so uppity with me. My grandfather had actually moved to Scarborough from Hull but it's not something I had time to explain at the gig the night before, and I did wonder whether just maybe he had been hounded out! Anyway, I like both places and look forward to a return gig in Hull in October.

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