Sunday 14th January – Taxing times

I'll be honest. I'm only updating my blog because any displacement activity is better than filling in my tax return. I've even been tidying up all of my office room under the pretence that I am 'gathering information' for my return. I've realised I've been keeping phone bills from over ten years ago. I have a big pile of papers to throw out. The dust is starting to irritate my skin.

But it's also proving interesting as it's making me review and assess what I was doing during the tax year 2016-17. For example I covered about 7,500 miles in the car going to and from gigs. I'm surprised it wasn't more. If my average speed was 35mph then I would have spent 210 hours or nearly 9 days on the road. That's a lot of Radiohead. Also, I earned double the amount from festival gigs as from other gigs. Most of that was taken as cash during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This underlines to me how solo shows and festival gigs are forming a bigger and bigger part of my schedule.

At the end of the day though (or tax year) I will still have made a loss. I don't need to be reading up about VAT exemptions at this stage of my comedy career. Why do I put in the miles and spend the money? Because it's what I love doing, telling silly jokes to anyone prepared to listen and laugh. And that will always seem a profitable exercise to me irrespective of the effort and money involved.

Right, I had better get back to the admin...