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Tuesday 6th November - Planning for next year

I've managed to book 3 different shows into the programming for both the Leicester and Glasgow Comedy Festivals next year. That took quite a bit of doing, as the deadlines approached and there were 5 different venues, other acts, Jokes On Us in Leicester, and the festival offices all to liaise with. Plus one big Glasgow venue fell through at pretty much the last minute while other venues were receiving deadline extensions, keeping things in the air for longer than expected.

In the meantime I performed a comedy set at a venue I've not done before in Edinburgh last weekend. I had prepared my very best ten minutes set of gags for this one and it was well received. It was a good night and the promoter said he had not laughed so much at one of his gigs before. It certainly gave me a lift.

I've also managed to book my spoken word show into a venue in my home town - as far ahead as November of next year. So 2019 is filling up from either end it seems. In the more immediate future, the show is going to Scarborough later this month. Having been to France a fortnight ago to visit some family graves from the First World War, as well as carrying out some further successful research at the National Archives in London en route, I will need to fully update my slide set and script in time for that trip.

You can contact Richard directly via Twitter tw or via email at mirthofforth@gmail.com