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Sunday 15th July - Morecambe and Wiser

I loved watching Morecambe and Wise on TV as a kid, so when I went to Morecambe yesterday for the first time ever, I had to go and see Eric's statue. Here's me, looking shorter even than Ernie Wise must have been. I've made sure any short fat hairy legs are suitably cropped out of shot.

Eric Morecambe

I was visiting on a day trip yesterday to perform my comedy show in the Morecambe Comedy Festival. It was a sunny day, England were playing their third-place play-off football World Cup match and the guy who had the show before mine had not had any audience. It was little surprise then that nobody turned up for my show either. I know Morecambe and Wise struggled at the beginning of their comedy careers but having no-one turn up to see me after a 400 mile round trip is tough.

But at least I got to see the statue, and sample some nice fish and chips. And, just by turning up yesterday, there is now an opportunity to perform my spoken word show at another festival in the town in March next year. So, as Eric might say, wa-hey!

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