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Sunday 17th June - Birthday treat

There are few more enjoyable ways of spending a birthday than being at a great comedy gig. I've been asked to organise a comedy night these past 4 years for a village in Fife called Culross. The event always takes place in the middle of June, and with it being on a variable night of the week, happens to have coincided with my birthday these past 2 years.

It's nice to put a line-up together which you know will go down well - including Mark Nelson, Scot Laird and Phil Differ in this case, and one to enjoy on your own birthday. I had also been asked to perform a set by the organiser, so put myself on in the middle. I had a completely new 15-20 minutes, as I had only performed my spoken word show recently and had plenty of new jokes I wanted to try out.

The event takes place in an outdoor courtyard area, covered, but still at the outside temperature, which last night felt not that much above freezing! I was starting to shake long before I went on - how much from the cold and how much from nerves was hard to tell. Thankfully they really went for the one liners, and I had to leave some long pauses after the jokes to allow the laughter to die down. And I had more than the usual number of people coming up to me afterwards saying how much they had enjoyed my set.

After I had done my set I was able to enjoy a fantastic curry - some was still left over, which for me was a treat on my birthday. Oh, and I got paid of course. Happy birthday to me!

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