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Edinburgh Fringe 2015


'Like a well-oiled machine of mirth... a likeable stand-up comedian with great material'
- Buxton Fringe (review, July 2017)

'Richard Pulsford is a congenial showman… the audience loved him… you will not be disappointed'
- Prague Fringe Festival (review, May 2017)

'Richard’s experience shone through as he delivered a series of solid top quality puns'
- GiggleBeats (review, February 2016)

'Pulsford has strong material'
- Chortle (review, February 2014)

'Ruthlessly economic nuggets' (puns)
- The Guardian (review, February 2016)



'Delivered a number of great puns I wish I had thought of myself'
- Gary Delaney (August 2014)

'Richard has more one liners than a joke machine on overdrive!'
- Patrick Monahan (August 2014)

'Richard Pulsford, who was made for Wild Cabaret, stormed it'
- Janey Godley (January 2016)

'Richard's material conjures up some fantastic images'
- Tom Allen (February 2016)

'Does an awesome tight 5 of one liners'
- A.Sadler - promoter (blog, August 2015)


'Really enjoyed this highly amusing journey in lexicography'
- Audience member (Shaun Sheppard - review on EdFringe website, 17/08/17)

'Saw the show yesterday and loved it - the content is great fun as is Richard's manner with the audience. A genuinely funny guy who deserves packed out houses!'
- Audience member (Catherine Hokin - review on EdFringe website, 25/08/16)

'Saw Richard on Sunday, a very clever man without being at all smug, huge number of puns, no surprise he was World Pun finalist. A lovely, relaxed, funny way to spend an hour. Next time I'll join in the singing!'
- Audience member (Kevin Hudson - review on EdFringe website, 25/08/16)

'Saw this show yesterday (Sunday). Really likeable guy, free show - absolutely loved it. Clever material delivered in a really relaxed manner. Go watch this show!'
- Audience member (Martin Horne - review on EdFringe website, 22/08/16)

'Saw Richard today at the beehive inn. A free show based on puns ended up being one of my favourite shows of the festival. Absolutely fantastic time'
- Audience member (Kyle Falk-Varcoe - review on EdFringe website, 21/08/16)

'Just been to see Richard Pulsford at the Beehive - great one liners - well done!'
- Audience member (tweet, August 2015)

'Your show at the Fringe today was the best one we saw (and we saw a few!)'
- Audience member (Facebook message, August 2015)


'Very good. Enjoyed it immensely. Pointed history, laughter and tears.'
- Audience member (A.Cavendish - Prague Fringe, 27/05/18)


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You can contact Richard directly via Twitter tw or via email at mirthofforth@gmail.com