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Edinburgh Fringe 2015


5-star review: 'A barrage of one liners... some make you want to stand and applaud the brainery that creates the connections. [Richard is] enthralling... [he] exudes confidence and charm.'
- Paul Simeon, Lancaster Guardian, 02/08/23


4-star review: '[Richard] hit the mark more often than any decent comic should expect... Richard’s assured delivery and mastery of his material meant that the laughs kept coming... delivers fifty minutes of quick, original and funny jokes. Any audience will find plenty to laugh at and most will find a lot.'
- Des Reynolds, Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe 2022

'A rapid-fire joke-fest of puns and one-liners'
- Ian Parker Heath, Buxton Fringe 2022

'The joy of a pun is its obviousness 'after' you've heard it. Rich delivers a masterclass in the form. Rating: 4/5'
- Simeon Word, Lancashire Post, 26th July 2022


'Immediately establishing himself as a safe pair of hands, reminiscent of a master like Milton Jones, his (justified) confidence in his material shone through.'
- The Scotsman (review, 13th December 2021)

'Wordplay – and it is all wordplay – is generally at the level of decent newspaper headlines, though a fair few exceed that. You’re sure to want to try to remember some of his gags to pass off as your own later… It’s a light-hearted session that delivers exactly what’s promised: a LOT of gags.'
- Chortle (review, 26th August 2021)

AUDIENCE QUOTES for Short Joke Teller (2023)

'Funny guy with good one liners and puns, holds the audience's attention well' - Ben Warwick (8th August 2023)

'If you like your puns fast and curious, this is going to be the show for you. Quick, clever and a constant workout for your funny bones. Always impressed when a comic can have you laughing before they’ve even opened their mouth! Great show. ' - Pip Day (7th August 2023)

AUDIENCE QUOTES for A Bit More Rich (2022)

'Clever stuff. We came on a recommendation and weren't disappointed. Glad we found this in the sea of comedy at Edinburgh.' - Jon Seddon (22nd August 2022)

'I love puns, one-liners and Dad jokes, but this was even better than I'd expected. There must have been literally hundreds of quickfire jokes, some clever, some groan inducing, some wonderful slow burners, but best of all is the warmth the performer brings. Possibly the most enjoyable show of the Fringe. 5/5.' - Jamie (21st August 2022)

'Really enjoyed this show. Well delivered and a string of great one liners. Very very funny.' - Mary Somerville (20th August 2022)

'On top of the great jokes, Rich created a lovely atmosphere with his audience interactions and observations about our responses. Really enjoyable, one of my favourites this year!' - Oyin (19th August 2022)

'One of the best acts I saw at the Fringe this year. Absolutely outstanding!' - Leigh Hasdell (15th August 2022)

'A blizzard of one liners, quick fire gags and puns. Our sides were aching with laughter when we left. Great fun!!' - Paul Williams (14th August 2022)

'It's hard to keep up the quality of one liners and puns for a full show, but somehow Rich achieves it! Simple comedy done well, plenty of laughs here' - Chris Northwood (6th August 2022)

AUDIENCE QUOTES for A Bit Rich (2021)

'Very likable comedian, good content, solid delivery' - Niki Taljaard (26th August 2021)

'Great start to the fringe for us. A roller coaster of puns delivered in a really personal venue. Something for everyone.' - Louise Barker (24th August 2021)

'The one liners and wordplay just keep coming throughout the whole show. Very impressive, lots of laugh out loud moments, really nice interactions with the audience, and self deprecating on the occasional times the gags didn't quite land.' - Jim and Jenny (22nd August 2021)

'Perfect start to our fringe weekend , very funny and clever puntastic comedy , thanks for the laughs Richard.' - Karen Gibb (20th August 2021)

'Richard is witty and entertaining. 5 stars' - Kevin Moss (19th August 2021)

'Managed to get the last seats at his show today and laughed throughout and all the way to a nearby cafe. At the next table we heard a couple repeating some of his jokes as well! Classic stand up puns, great value.' ' - D R P (14th August 2021)

'Brilliant show this afternoon! Great one liners - we especially enjoyed the one about Hertfordshire! Go see Richard if you can :D' - Alice McGregor (13th August 2021)

'Me and my partner watched the show today at the Beehive! We laughed our heads off! Really funny guy! My partner’s comments were “he’s very very clever - for I can’t even remember one joke let alone 200”. Great show! Would recommend if you’re looking for a laugh in Edinburgh! ' - Danielle Beasley (8th August 2021)


"It Just So Happened is a fascinating and funny history podcast. Fans should go... an entertaining way to learn... Richard Pulsford is a good host. He keeps it moving without rushing and keeps the guests on track while giving them room to breathe... It Just So Happened did a fantastic job of holding my attention, giving me snackable bites of history and all live and unscripted"
- Edinburgh Reviews, Edinburgh Fringe, August 2023 [3.3 stars]

"A quirky history podcast with a friendly splash of humour"
- Wee Review, Brighton Fringe, May 2023 [3.5 stars]

"Pulsford is a charming host and we finished with some little known facts about Buxton and it’s German twin Bad Nauheim, and a lovely tribute to Buxton’s Tim Brooke-Taylor who would have been 81 on the day. Luckily for you it’s all been recorded for Richard’s podcast, so look out for It Just So Happened online!" - Stephen Walker
- Buxton Fringe (review, July 2021)

"It Just So Happened is an entertaining and educational panel show podcast, very much in the same vein as Radio 4's The Unbelievable Truth or Museum of Curiosities.
The podcast is online for anyone who didn't experience it live, and remains an entertaining and interesting listen for anyone tuning in." - Robbie Carnegie
- Buxton Fringe (review, July 2020)

"I was rather taken aback by the sheer range of material covered, and what the panellists managed to do with it! The amount of research done by all five of them was impressive.
It was a laudable thing to make such a large chunk of the show so local, and the laughs did come freely.
The show was recorded for a podcast episode that will be released at a later date. It’s worth an hour of anyone’s time, and for Buxtonians in particular it’s a fun way to engage with some of the more offbeat history of our town and how we fit into the wider world." - Scott Allsop
- Buxton Fringe (review, July 2019)


'Who knew that learning could be so funny! I'm now signing on for the podcast to hear more episodes and I really hope that Richard will bring the show back next year.' - Katie Harvey (12th August 2023)

'I loved this, definitely in my top 3 shows. Didn’t expect it to be this funny.' - Sheila Harper (6th August 2023)

PRESS QUOTES for Roll Up for the Smirking Break (2019)

'The great thing about [Richard's jokes] is that they made the audience laugh – every time, every one hitting the target – and isn’t that the whole point of stand-up.'
'Richard’s professionalism showed through; comfortable and secure with his audience, totally on top of his act, well-rehearsed, doing what he is good at and succeeding - getting laughs – lots.'
- Buxton Fringe (review, July 2019)

AUDIENCE QUOTES for Roll Up for the Smirking Break (2019)

'Saw Richard twice - some great one lines and puns. Will give Tim Vine a run for his money. He must be in the running for Joke of the Fringe!' - John Bromwich

'Really enjoyed being in the company of Richard for 50 mins. A lovely guy with cracking puns... Great show Richard' - Stephanie Bawden

PRESS QUOTES for Conflict of Interest

'Richard was able to be authoritative, informative and entertaining at the same time. The hour indeed flew by, and, like the best of shows one wanted to hear more.'
- Buxton Fringe (review, July 2019)

'The show [was] interesting throughout and at times extremely moving. Richard’s experience as a comedian gave the delivery a light touch using just the right amount of wry humour where it was appropriate. The tragedy and waste of warfare was there, but this was balanced by the everyday details of ordinary lives'.
- Buxton Fringe (review, July 2018)

PRESS QUOTES for Uns-Pun (2018)

'Richard's joke rate is phenomenal. A welcome return to Buxton.'
- Buxton Fringe (review, July 2018)

'Full credit to Richard Pulsford for being able to run with mostly one-liners for a full hour and get a decent reception... Delivered amiably and confidently... an hour passed by in a shot.'
- Buxton Fringe (The Digital Fix review, July 2018)

PRESS QUOTES for previous comedy shows

'Like a well-oiled machine of mirth... a likeable stand-up comedian with great material'
- Buxton Fringe (review, July 2017)

'Richard Pulsford is a congenial showman… the audience loved him… you will not be disappointed'
- Prague Fringe Festival (review, May 2017)

'Richard’s experience shone through as he delivered a series of solid top quality puns'
- GiggleBeats (review, February 2016)

'Pulsford has strong material'
- Chortle (review, February 2014)

'Ruthlessly economic nuggets' (puns)
- The Guardian (review, February 2016)



'Richard is a really funny guy'
- Gary Delaney (November 2019)

'Richard's material conjures up some fantastic images'
- Tom Allen (February 2016)

'Richard Pulsford, who was made for Wild Cabaret, stormed it'
- Janey Godley (January 2016)

'Does an awesome tight 5 of one liners'
- A.Sadler - promoter (blog, August 2015)


'Loved this. Wasn't sure what to expect, but was drawn into the world of Richard Pulsford's family during WW1. It's fascinating stuff - family history unfolding as all around the First World War pulls everything down. Pulsford's research is incredibly detailed. And yes, there is a personal conflict of interest too! Not a play, not spoken word, not comedy - it's an illustrated talk, a slightly different offering at the Fringe and well worth an hour of your life!'
'- Audience member (A.Paterson - EdFringe website, 22/08/18)

'Very interesting account of a diverse family history across WW1. Well researched and would motivate many to delve further into their own archives'
'- Audience member (P.Vance - EdFringe website, 19/08/18)

'A great way to learn what the first WW meant for a british family. Very well documented, rich in information and detail but also very well framed in the context of the time. Go and watch the show, emerge in the atmosphere of Scarborough, a century ago!'
'- Audience member (H.Simon - EdFringe website, 05/08/18)

'Very interesting and well presented. Liked all the personal information and detail. *****'
- Audience member (Anon - Reading Fringe Festival, 26/07/18)

'Informative and moving. *****'
- Audience member (Anon - Reading Fringe Festival, 26/07/18)

'Excellent and very moving summary of the human cost of war *****'
- Audience member (Anon - Reading Fringe Festival, 26/07/18)

'Fascinating and in depth glimpse of family in WW1. Good stuff! *****'
- Audience member (Anon - Reading Fringe Festival, 26/07/18)

'Very well put together / presented and told right level of detail... human cost of a larger war *****'
- Audience member (Anon - Reading Fringe Festival, 26/07/18)

'Very good. Enjoyed it immensely. Pointed history, laughter and tears.'
'- Audience member (A.Cavendish - Prague Fringe, 27/05/18 - unsolicited)


'A brilliant way to start any day at the Fringe. The puns, one liners and laughs are non-stop.'
- Audience member (D Gray - EdFringe website review, 21/08/18)

'Very clever and very funny! The puns and one liners just keep coming. Well worth seeing.'
- Audience member (D Strange - EdFringe website review, 19/08/18)

'Richard Pulsford is exceptionally funny and [had] me in stitches. A definite must for the Festival. I defy you not to laugh!!'
- Audience member (G Hodge - EdFringe website review, 16/08/18)

'We enjoyed ourselves immensely, so thank you'
- Audience member (J Pennington - message after 'Uns-Pun' at Buxton Fringe, 22/07/18)

'Really enjoyed this highly amusing journey in lexicography'
- Audience member (Shaun Sheppard - review on EdFringe website, 17/08/17)

'Saw the show yesterday and loved it - the content is great fun as is Richard's manner with the audience. A genuinely funny guy who deserves packed out houses!'
- Audience member (Catherine Hokin - review on EdFringe website, 25/08/16)

'Saw Richard on Sunday, a very clever man without being at all smug, huge number of puns, no surprise he was World Pun finalist. A lovely, relaxed, funny way to spend an hour. Next time I'll join in the singing!'
- Audience member (Kevin Hudson - review on EdFringe website, 25/08/16)

'Saw this show yesterday (Sunday). Really likeable guy, free show - absolutely loved it. Clever material delivered in a really relaxed manner. Go watch this show!'
- Audience member (Martin Horne - review on EdFringe website, 22/08/16)

'Saw Richard today at the beehive inn. A free show based on puns ended up being one of my favourite shows of the festival. Absolutely fantastic time'
- Audience member (Kyle Falk-Varcoe - review on EdFringe website, 21/08/16)

'Just been to see Richard Pulsford at the Beehive - great one liners - well done!'
- Audience member (tweet, August 2015)

'Your show at the Fringe today was the best one we saw (and we saw a few!)'
- Audience member (Facebook message, August 2015)


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