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15th JUNE

I'm doing my first 'Edinburgh preview' of 2018 next Friday (22nd June) in Leicester. It's at The Upstairs at The Western, 'Leicester's Pub Theatre', on Western Road, and the show starts at 8pm. Tickets are £5.00 and they can be bought online here: The Western preview

26th MAY

My new spoken word show 'Conflict of Interest' opened at The Prague Fringe last night. It's a show to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, revealing the journey I have taken as I have researched my family tree and found out the stories of relatives who fought and died in that conflict - on both sides. I'll be performing the show again tonight, and on Sunday and Monday, at the lovely venue in The Museum of Alchemists. I'll also be taking this show to many different UK Festivals from June right through to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August.

23rd MAY

BREAKING NEWS: I'm adding another date to my Uns-Pun tour. I'll be performing at the Morecambe Comedy Festival, on Saturday 14th July. Details to follow.

5th MAY

I can now publish full summer tour details for my Uns-Pun show. I'll be visiting festivals in Ludlow, Hamilton, Buxton, Guildford and Edinburgh. Further details are now on the Comedy Show Tour page including links to the relevant Festival websites and ticketing where required. Details have yet to be uploaded to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe website. I'm hoping you can make it to one of the show dates this summer. If you can't, there may still be a couple more festival performances to add, so watch this space!

28th APRIL

I'm still adding more festival dates on to my summer tour. I've been finalising details with a couple more festivals this past week. Hopefully I'll be coming to a town near you! Full details will be published as soon as everything is confirmed and the embargoes on advertising the events are lifted.

19th APRIL

I'm appearing at the Comedy Lounge in Hull on Saturday evening. It's likely to be the last club gig I perform before my tour starts later in the Spring. The event starts at 19:30. Also on the bill will be Chris Brooker, Barry Dodds and Fran Garrety (who was tour support for Jason Manford). Tickets are £12 and can be bought here: Hull Tickets


I'm appearing at the Hot Water Comedy Club in Liverpool this evening. It's a professionally recorded showcase special. There is still limited ticket availability - more information is here: Tickets

13th MARCH

I'm adding another Festival date to my 2018 UK tour. Richard Pulsford: Uns-Pun will be at this year's Guildford Fringe Festival on Tuesday 24th July, at The Keep Pub. Tickets are £7 and can be bought through the Festival website here: Tickets


The next outing for 'Richard Pulsford: Uns-Pun' will be this Sunday at the Glasgow Comedy Festival. It's a one off show at this Festival. The venue is Yesbar and the show starts at 16:45. Tickets are £5 (£5.50 online) and can be bought here: Tickets


I'm pleased to announce I'm adding another Festival date to the 2018 UK tour of my solo stand up show Richard Pulsford: Uns-Pun. I'll be returning to the Buxton Fringe again this July and to the wonderful Rotunda venue in the Pavilion Gardens on Friday 20th July. The show is already listed on the Buxton Festival Fringe website here: Buxton Fringe


I'm performing at Carnegie Hall tonight. The one in Dunfermline of course.
For last minute ticket purchases go to: Carnegie Hall


I'll be heading down to Leicester for the opening weekend of the Comedy Festival next weekend. As well as performing my solo show 'Richard Pulsford: Uns-Pun' on the Sunday, I have a guest spot in Alex Hylton's Late night Jokes On Us showcase show on the Saturday at Manhattan 34. The show starts at 11pm.
Tickets for that show can be bought online here: Late night JOU tickets


If you are in the Leicester area during the Comedy Festival, specifically on Sunday 11th February, please come and see my latest solo show 'Richard Pulsford: Uns-Pun'.
The show is at The SoundHouse and starts at 17:15. Tickets can be bought online here: Leicester Festival tickets
IT IS FREE ENTRY / Pay What You Want. However seats are given preferentially to all ticket holders, so it's worth going online and ordering tickets, just in case the venue is full when you turn up. And I would hate anyone to be disappointed!

8th JANUARY 2018

Happy New Year!

I'm pleased to report some tickets have already been sold for 'Richard Pulsford: Uns-Pun' at the Glasgow Comedy Festival. It's a one off show at this festival so your one and only chance to catch it in Glasgow will be on Sunday 11th March, 16:45 in Yesbar. Tickets are £5 (£5.50 online) and can be bought here: Tickets


I will be announcing my tour plans for 2018 in more detail in the New Year, but for now I wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year. Peace!


Here is the brochure entry for 'Richard Pulsford: Uns-Pun', in the Leicester Comedy Festival on 11th February 2018.

"Master of wordplay Richard Pulsford brings his fourth solo show to the Leicester Comedy Festival" Leicester Festival tickets


Tickets are now on sale for my 2018 solo show, 'Richard Pulsford: Uns-Pun', in the Glasgow Comedy Festival next March. The show will be in Yesbar on Sunday 11th March at 16:45. Tickets are £5 and you can buy tickets online (link below).

"Master of wordplay Richard Pulsford brings his fifth solo show to the Glasgow International Comedy Festival" Tickets


I have been asked via Twitter if I will be making an appearance at the Leicester Comedy Festival again next year. Well, the answer, I'm happy to say, is yes! I'll be performing a show at The Soundhouse, one of Leicester's premier live events venues, on Sunday 11th February 2018. The show will be at 19:15. It'll be a free, Pay What You Want event through the Jokes on Us Free Festival.

Hopefully this will be the first of many festival appearances in 2018!


I will be providing the support for Simon Evans (Michael McIntyre Roadshow, Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week) at Haddo House on Saturday 9th September. The venue is a National Trust property near Ellon, Aberdeenshire and the show starts at 7pm.

You can buy tickets here: Tickets


The Edinburgh Festival Fringe may have ended but there will be another special one-off performance of Phrases Ready at the Hop Fest Fringe in Faversham, Kent on Saturday 2nd September.

The show is at the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre and starts at 6pm.

You can buy tickets in advance here: Tickets or you can risk the event not selling out and 'Pay What You Want' at the venue (after the show).


There are just 6 more performances of Phrases Ready at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 12:15 daily from Tuesday 22nd through to Sunday 27th August. It's a free entry and non-ticketed show, but I've had some full rooms recently so get there early to guarantee a seat. See you at The Beehive Inn in the Grassmarket!


If you're in Edinburgh on Wednesday and want to catch up with me I will be performing in these shows:

12:15 Phrases Ready - Beehive Inn (my show)
13:30 Afternoon Tea - Kasbar, Espionage
14:30 Worst show on the Fringe - Movement (with Shazia Mirza)
17:30 Lastminute Comedy Club - Bar Bados Room 1


My solo show is on every day at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at the Beehive Inn (venue 178) until 27th August at 12:15 (afternoon) for about 50 minutes (except Mondays 14th and 21st). It's free entry with a bucket collection at the end.

25th JULY

I'm taking my solo show to the Merchant City Festival in Glasgow tomorrow night (Wednesday 26th July). The venue is the Brunswick Hotel and the show starts at 8pm. It's a free event with a bucket collection at the end.

6th JULY

I have some exciting news to share - I've been scouted to take part in another Festival this summer!

If you happen to live in or near Kent, I'll be bringing 'Phrases Ready' to the Hop Fest Fringe Festival in Faversham on Saturday 2nd September. Further details will follow.

10th JUNE

My show 'Phrases Ready' returns to the UK for performances at the following festivals in England in July:
Kings Arms Salford, Greater MANCHESTER Fringe - Saturday 8th July (9pm). Tickets £6.00: Manchester Fringe Festival show
Rotunda Theatre, BUXTON Fringe - Sunday 9th & Wednesday 12th July (9pm). Tickets £6.00: Buxton Fringe
Crown Inn, TELFORD Fringe - Tuesday 11th July (8pm). Tickets: £5.00

30th MAY

A reminder that 'Phrases Ready' opens at the Prague Fringe tonight at 18:30, and even if you can't make it along to a given performance, you can still participate using the hashtag #PhrasesReady on Twitter. The idea is you can suggest hashtag topics for me and the audience to make puns on and I'll share any successful jokes after each show. Get tweeting well before show time!

26th MAY

My show 'Phrases Ready' opens at the Prague Fringe on Tuesday (at 18:30, for 5 nights). Tickets are CZK150 and can be obtained online here: Prague Fringe show

You can also submit ideas for the interactive section of the show using the hashtag #PhrasesReady on Twitter. I'll share the best ideas and jokes after each show. My Twitter handle is @richardpulsford

15th MAY

There is an amendment to the line up for the Comedy Tent at the Foxlake Outdoor Festival this Saturday. I will now be performing my spot at between 12:00 and 12:30. Come and say hello!

Foxlake Festival

1st MAY

Tickets are now on sale for my show at the Prague Fringe. Dates: 28th May to 3rd June, and tickets are CZK150.

Prague Fringe show

24th APRIL

I'm performing a spot at the Comedy Club at the Foxlake Outdoor Festival on Saturday 20th May. I'll be on at 12:40. Other acts on the Saturday (between 12:10 and 18:10) include Janey Godley and Des Clarke. Sunday sees another full line up, including Tom Stade and Gary Little.

Foxlake Festival show

13th APRIL

Tickets are now on sale for my show at The Buxton Fringe Festival, which is taking place in The Rotunda Theatre on Sunday 9th and Wednesday 12th July. Both performances start at 9pm and tickets are £6.00.

Buxton Fringe Festival show

31st MARCH

Tickets are now on sale for my show at The Greater Manchester Fringe Festival, which is on Saturday 8th July at The Kings Arms in Salford. The show starts at 9pm and tickets are £6.00.

Manchester Fringe Festival show


Here are some of the articles covering the UK Pun Championships 2017 and/or my participation in the event.

Sunday Herald

Daily Mirror

The Metro

Courier & Advertiser


I've been offered an opportunity to perform another solo show for a full run at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August. It's looking like being another lunchtime spot at The Beehive Inn, and in the same room as last year. That room is great as there is a bar on the same level and it offers the use of a tv screen for visual material. Full confirmation in due course - there is the minor matter of another (at least) 6 Festivals before then!

And the first Festival show outing for Phrases Ready in 2017 will be at Manhattan 34 in Leicester this Tuesday, 14th February at 18:45. It's a 'pay what you want' show. I'd love to see you there, but if you can't be there in person, I'll still be looking for hashtag ideas on Twitter for themes in the show - so you can still join in, by tweeting to #PhrasesReady.


Publicity is ramping up for the UK Pun Championships a week on Monday. I received a 'Google alert' today which pointed me to a nice article in the Lifestyle section of Fife Today. Oddly, it quotes puns from Tim Vine and Masai Graham rather than ones of my own, but then I would prefer to keep my powder dry! I had submitted copy for this Thursday's edition of the Fife Free Press but haven't sought out a copy to check. They said I would be on page 3 - make of that what you will!

Article in Fife Today

I was also interviewed by Kingdon FM this morning, both for Euan Notman's Kingdom Daytime show, and for their newsdesk. And I believe the Daily Mirror are going to run a feature at some point. So all the publicity is welcome.

14th JANUARY 2017

I'm busy working on the arrangements for the tour of my solo show Phrases Ready. Until today I only had two confirmed bookings, at the Leicester Comedy Festival (on 14th February) and at the Glasgow Comedy Festival (on 15th March). I'm pleased to say I can now add the Telford Fringe to the list. The show there will be at The Crown Inn on 11th July.

I do have a confirmed run at another Festival but do not yet have the green light to publicise it, and am also negotiating venues at two other festivals. So the tour is slowly coming together but there is still a lot to do before I can publish the full list of tour dates!

And as promoters are already open to offers for shows at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I don't want to end up forgetting about and overlooking that rather important festival!


I've been selected to take part in the UK Pun Championship finals at the Leicester Comedy Festival 2017. It's going to be on Monday 13th February. This time the venue will be the largest in Leicester, the De Montfort Hall. Let's say I'm more than a little chuffed to be asked to take part in this fantastic event again. UK Pun Championships 2017


I have a place in one of the heats for the Scottish Comedian of the Year 2016 competition. My heat is on Thursday 3rd November, at the new Monkey Barrel venue on Blair Street in Edinburgh. Doors are open at 7pm with the heat getting underway at 7:15pm. NB This is the earlier of two heats on the same night in the same venue. Tickets available on the door.


I'm taking part in a Stand Up To Cancer gig at The Blackpool Tower Circus venue tomorrow evening, 21st October. It's free entry and family-friendly, with donations to a worthy cause. The event starts at 7pm.

Here is a link to an article in The Blackpool Gazette: Gazette


I'm taking part in Week 1 of the new Aberdeen Comedy Festival later this month, doing a spot at a comedy night at The Copthorne Hotel, with Matt Green and Keith Farnan. It kicks off at 8:30pm on 19th October.

Here is a link to the relevant ticketing website: Ticket link


After doing a guest spot on Stirling City Radio's afternoon show on 4th September I was invited back as a guest for the whole show the following Sunday. And as that went well, I was invited back again for the next one (tomorrow) as well, but unfortunately I can't make it due to prior commitments. However, I expect to return on Sunday 25th September - so tune in between 2pm and 4pm for more commentary on local and national news stories, and some more off the cuff puns.

Here is a link to the radio station: Stirling City Radio


I'm doing a guest spot on Stirling City Radio's afternoon show, 2-4pm today. If you tune in, you can expect to hear some puns!


It's time to put the finishing touches to my Edinburgh Festival Fringe show 'Phrases Ready' and now, to invite you to take part. It would be great to see you at the show, but even if you can't be there in person, you can interact with us via Twitter.

Followers familiar with the hashtag games on Twitter will know all about the instant puns which are tweeted based on a hashtag theme including film titles, songs, celebrities etc. e.g. #WineaFilm or #FruitandVegaSong. If you're one of these fans, or want to give it a try, I'm giving you the opportunity to come up with some fresh 'hashtags' for each show. This will mean each show will be unique and not entirely pre-scripted, as myself and my guest for the day will attempt to come up with some puns to go with those new 'hashtags'. Also, you can tweet your own puns based on the hashtags for the day, and I'll read them out to the audience. And I'll tell you which ones went down best, including any good ones which we thought of during the show.

I'll tweet about our who our daily guest is before the show, and you are invited to send in your hashtag ideas each day between 10:00 and 13:00 BST. Make sure you include the hashtag #phrasesready so I pick them up!

28th JULY

It's just over a week until the first performance of my show at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Each performance in this year's run will feature a short set from a fellow comedian and a 'hashtag challenge' where we both have to come up with puns on the spot based on 'hashtags', following the idea of the hashtag pun topics which regularly appear on Twitter. I am hoping that these can be provided real time by some of my followers on Twitter; or we will be relying on the audience on the day.

Anyone can post topic suggestions using the hashtag #phrasesready and I'll do my best to incorporate them into a show, and post some of our best ideas after each show. The show is Richard Pulsford: Phrases Ready and runs from 5th to 28th August at 13:30, except Mondays. It's free entry and non-ticketed.

Here is a link to the show online: Phrases Ready

6th JULY

It's been a bit quiet recently. It's like taking a holiday before getting into a long spell of work, but soon I'll be getting into performing lots of Edinburgh previews and guest spots before performing that full run at The Beehive Inn again this August. Here's the flyer for my show, Richard Pulsford: Phrases Ready, courtesy of Alex Leam. The show runs from 5th to 28th August at 13:30 (not on Mondays). It's free entry and non-ticketed.

Ed Fringe flyer 2016

8th JUNE

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe launched their 2016 brochure today. I should be in there somewhere, in the Comedy Section. That's because I will be performing a full run at The Beehive Inn again this August. My show this year is called Richard Pulsford: Phrases Ready and runs from 5th to 28th August at 13:30, except Mondays. It's free entry and non-ticketed.

Here is a link to the show online: Phrases Ready

18th MARCH

I had the pleasure of taking part in a podcast last weekend, called 'Besides the Norm', with Steven and Craig Duncan. They are based in Fife and their aim is to interview local (Fife) people such as politicians and musicians on topics of interest. I was asked about some of the gigs I run and the art of pun making.

The podcast can be found via this link: Besides the Norm website


A quick reminder that tickets are on sale for my one-off solo show in the 2016 Glasgow International Comedy Festival, 'As If...' which is at the Yesbar venue. The show starts at 18:00 on Sunday 13th March. Tickets can be purchased online via this link: Seetickets site but if this allocation becomes sold out you can always take a punt on getting a ticket on the door.


So I was runner up in the UK Pun Championships on Monday night. Here's a video with some highlights from the event.


Here's legend Lee Nelson giving notice of the UK Pun Championships final on Punday 8th February.


I'm all over Page 3... of this Thursday's Fife Free Press. There's a half page spread in the newspaper with an article/photo about my participation in this year's UK Pun Championships Final. It seems there is no equivalent online article.

17th JANUARY 2016

I've just been invited to take part in another show at Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival. I'll be a guest in the Tom Allen's Society show. Tom has appeared on the John Bishop show (BBC1), Just a Minute (Radio 4) and 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown (Channel 4).
The event takes place at the Peter's Pizzeria venue in Leicester on Sunday 7th February at 7pm (doors open 6:45pm).
Tickets are £7, and can be purchased online via this link: Tom Allen tickets


I'm very excited to announce that I have made it through to the finals of the UK Pun Championships at Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival in 2016. It's the 3rd year running I'll be competing in the final.
The event takes place in Hansom Hall in Leicester at 7pm on Monday 8th February, and the host is Lee Nelson.
Tickets can be purchased online via this link: UK Pun Championships tickets


Tickets are now on sale for my solo show in the 2016 Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival, 'Unexpected Items in Badinage Areas'.
It takes place at The Exchange Bar (downstairs, opposite The Curve Theatre) at 5pm on Sunday 14th February.
Tickets can be purchased online via this link: DLCF tickets site


Tickets are now on sale for my solo show in the 2016 Glasgow International Comedy Festival, 'As If...'.
As in the previous two years, my solo show will be at the Yesbar venue. It starts at 18:00 on Sunday 13th March.
Tickets can be purchased online via this link: Seetickets site


I've been selected for one of the 3 heats of the Scottish Comedian of the Year competition 2015. My heat is at Maggie Mays in Glasgow on Tuesday 10th November and the show, packed with about 12 comedians performing up to 7 minutes each, starts at 19:30. Tickets can be purchased on the door.


I've just been booked in to do a show in the Greater Manchester Comedy Festival. I'll be performing 'Unexpected Items in Badinage Areas' in the Kings Arms Salford on Tuesday 3rd November. Tickets will be £5.00 and the show starts at 19:30.

Further details here: GM Fringe


I will be taking part in the Kings Arms Festival, Salford this weekend. The Festival doesn't like to announce the line-ups until the day it starts, but I think it's close enough to the event to announce my own appearance, otherwise no-one will have any warning I'm going to be there!

Facebook event here: Facebook event


I took part in a podcast at The Stand in Edinburgh on 8th August, where I was challenged to perform as many puns as I could in 3 minutes. I managed 21. I know I could have done better, but I only had a few minutes' notice, and felt the need to stop to let the laughter die down at one point!

Link here: Dabster Productions clip

31st JULY

Here is an interview published in The List about punning, and my solo show 'Unexpected Items in Badinage Areas':

There are also contributions on the same topic from the likes of Milton Jones and Stewart Francis.

Edinburgh Fringe 2015 flyer

Link here: Article in The List

4th JUNE

My solo show 'Unexpected Items in Badinage Areas' is now advertised on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival website

The show opens on 6th August and runs through to the 30th August at The Beehive Inn, Grassmarket. Performances are every day at 15:00 (except Mondays).

Edinburgh Fringe 2015 flyer

Link here: Edinburgh Fringe show 2015

21st MARCH

Here is an article I wrote about my solo show 'Richard Pulsford is Going On', which I brought to the Glasgow Comedy Festival in March
Glasgow Comedy Festival show 2015

11th FEBRUARY 2015

Here is an article from The Daily Mirror about the participants in the UK Pun Championships final held at The Leicester Comedy Festival in February 2015, along with some of our best puns
Daily Mirror article

You can contact Richard directly via Twitter tw or via email at mirthofforth@gmail.com