Beehive window


If you like one liners, wordplay, gags - that kind of comedy - then I'm a comedian who aspires to write and perform those kind of jokes. My style is most often likened to that of Milton Jones or Tim Vine or Stewart Francis. That is not a conscious thing, and I have (almost always) stopped wearing the kind of shirts Milton Jones wears (mostly).

My first gig was at the very end of the Edinburgh Fringe in 2004. Even then I was rather old to be thinking of starting stand up comedy. And then I started fathering the first of 3 children (I was rather late to that party as well) and so didn't really get into the groove of regular comedy gigging until late 2009.

Nearly 8 years on, and I have clocked up over 600 gigs, mostly across Scotland, but increasingly in England as well. That includes performing at something like 250 different venues in 80+ different towns and cities. I'm used to a lot of late night long distance drives back from gigs. Thankfully, I have never fallen asleep at the wheel.

My decision to go for more pun-based comedy was backed up when I was selected to take part in the UK Pun Championships Final at the Leicester Comedy Festival in 2014, and again in 2015, and my puns took me through to the last 4 on the night. One of the few reviews I've ever had was at the Championships, from chortle, which said I had 'strong material'. Which rather confirmed my selection in the first place.

In 2014 I performed my first solo show, 'Richard Pulsford is Going On' at the Glasgow Comedy Festival, a project which I then took to the Leith Festival, and 3 venues for a week at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, before going to the Leicester Comedy Festival and back to Glasgow in 2015.

In 2015 I performed my first full Edinburgh Festival Fringe run (22 performances). That was at The Beehive Inn (venue 178) and part of the Scottish Comedy Festival at that venue. Called 'Unexpected Items in Badinage Areas', it brought together all of my best material and writing to date. I then took the show to the Greater Manchester Comedy Festival in November.

In 2016 I performed a solo show at Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival, the Glasgow Comedy Festival, the Merchant City Festival in Glasgow, and a full run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. I also performed at the UK Pun Championships in Leicester in February for the third year running, and this time round was the runner up.

For 2017 I have put a lot of effort into developing a tour schedule, and so have been booked to perform my established solo show 'Phrases Ready' at 7 different festivals, including a full run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe again. This includes making my first trip abroad solely to perform comedy, as I appear for a week at the Prague Fringe in May/June. My tour will also take in Leicester (February), Glasgow (March) and Buxton, Greater Manchester and Telford in July, along with the Merchant City Festival in Glasgow the same month, with a pop spot at the Foxlake Festival in East Lothian in May.


I live in a small town in Fife called Burntisland, which sits about 6 miles across the Forth from Edinburgh, but is actually 20 miles away from it by road/rail. And a lot further away from most of the places I regularly gig in. It's a blessing and a curse living in a far away idyllic Scottish seaside town.